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Here are 20 good reasons to insulate your home.

Understanding Insulation

10 ways to green your home

Guaranteed to last the lifetime of your home

Will not settle, shrink or blow around

Won't conduct electricity, no danger of live insulation, shorting or fire

Will work efficiently both in summer and winter

Is not chemically treated to reduce ignitability

Makes your home more comfortable

Non corrosive (cannot affect electrical systems)

Insulation can reduce up to 60% of heat gain and loss

PINK BATTS insulation can reduce your heating or air-conditioner

Smaller air-conditioners and heating units can be used and running costs reduced

Reduces, on average, the internal temperature in summer by up to 8C

Heating and cooling will be much more effective, especially in open plan homes

With energy cost savings, insulation may pay for itself within 3-4 years

Easy to install

PINK BATTS insulation will not sustain vermin

PINK BATTS insulation fits snuggly between ceiling joists

Made from glass, will not burn, and conforms to Australian Standards (four zero fire rating)

Will not rot of decay and may help in control of condensation

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