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The Australian Government's Energy Efficient Homes Package is a $3.9 billion package to improve the energy rating of Australian homes. The Energy Efficient Homes Package will install ceiling insulation in up to 2.9 million homes.

Understanding Insulation

Reasons to get insulation

10 ways to green your home

This practical step will help households reduce their energy use, cut their power bills by around $400-$700 a year, and increase the comfort and value of your home. Insulation is typically the most cost effective way to improve a home’s energy efficiency. Although all newly-built homes must be insulated, many older homes – up to 40 per cent of Australia’s housing stock – remain uninsulated. So if your home holds no Insulation or old insulation of negligible quality call us on 1300 4 TRICO or 1300 487 426 or email

"The Energy Efficient Homes package will modernise Australia’s homes, it will enable almost all Australian homes to be operating at a minimum two star energy rating by 2011. The Government estimates 2.2 million owner-occupied home will benefit from this program." (Australian Government statement)

"Many of Australia’s most vulnerable households are renters, who do not own their own home. To help these households lower their emissions and save money on energy bills, the Government will also double the rebate available under the Low Emissions Plan for Renters for landlords to install insulation in their rental properties – from $500 to up to $1,200 – from today until 30 June 2011. The Government estimates 500,000 rented homes will benefit from this program." (Australian Government statement)


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